Company reps may face closed doors

EXTERNAL contractors who provide technical support for surgical treatments will be refused access to the biggest orthopaedic hospital in the United Kingdom, unless they comply with a new monitoring system.

The measure will be introduced on March 17 and is designed to remove risks posed to patients, staff and the legal position of the trust that manages the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in Stanmore Middlesex.

The management has acted after realising that current procedures governing the admission of company respresentatives to the hospital are “ad-hoc and inconsistent”. As a result, all external employees who wish access to patient-sensitive areas will be required to show that they are members of credential-checking service Who Are You Ltd.

That membership is dependant on the individual being able to demonstrate evidence that they have the clearances and qualifications necessary to justify their presence professionally and legally. Furthermore, from April, these company representatives will be asked to produce evidence from an RNOH clinician that they have been invited to attend.

In a letter to external suppliers, the hospital states: “A failure to comply could result in your organisation representatives being refusd entry to the RNOH.”

The new regime demands that all company representatives can demonstrate or show: 1. Current hepatitis B certificate 2. Current theatre access course accreditation 3. Valid photo ID/check 4. Criminal records check 5. Details of employers’ liability insurance The trust says it has a desire to provide its patients and staff with a “better- regulated and better-controlled hospital”.