Key outcomes

THOSE who successfully complete an HC Skills training programme will benefit in a number of significant ways.

They will:

  • Achieve an enhanced position as a partner in a hospital medical team or clinical environment, providing added-value service
  • Add practical skills to internal corporate product and disease-based training
  • Be able to continue their professional education, having gained recognised qualifications
  • Demonstrate to their employers their commitment to continued professional development and education and thus to the organisation as a whole and to colleagues
  • Develop procedural training skills to the same level as surgeons/physicians, elevating the sales status and partnership to new levels
  • Further their professional growth through the acquisition of, or development of, teaching and training skills that meet formal guideline requirements.

Surgically gloved hands in operating room

HC Skills International promotes measures that are designed to create a contractual link between the hospital and the company representative/medical device industry, tying all parties into the same legal and ethical standards and obligations.

We also support:

  • Setting mandatory training standards for company representatives who access clinical areas
  • Moving towards professional registration
  • Recognition that the role of the company representative in clinical areas is a professional one
  • An open appraisal of the expected role of the CR within the clinical area and transparency of standards
  • A risk assessment of the presence of the CR